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The Most Efficient Craigslist Posting Tools

Auction123 has been helping dealers across the country get their inventory live on Craigslist for years and we’ve seen the same results time and time again… Craigslist works! Listing your inventory on Craigslist drives a ton of local traffic to your dealership. Our Craigslist application takes the guess work out of getting your inventory live on the #1 classified site in the US. We offer a variety of methods for posting, so you can choose the option that best fits your dealership’s needs.

Fully Automated Posting Application

We offer the most robust automated Craigslist application available! Determine which inventory you want to go live through a series of filters and posting priorities. Then, tell us the days and the time range you want ads going live, and the application running on your PC will do the rest. Securely store your Credit Card information for posting fees and pay as you go or pre-purchase your postings in bulk from Craigslist.

Quick Manual Posting Solution

For those who prefer to hand pick which units go live, our manual posting solution offers a quick and easy posting process. Select a vehicle and post to Craigslist on demand, or choose to schedule your postings in advance. Our Craigslist scheduler lets you set the day and time for each posting to go live, providing the opportunity to setup your Craigslist postings for the week at a time that is convenient to you!

Craigslist Posting Management

The Craigslist Summary dashboard provides visibility to all of your Craigslist activities in one centralized location. Quickly view all live postings, see which units have never been posted, or update your existing postings from the Auction123 Craigslist management system. Whether you manually list or are taking advantage of the fully automated posting tool, the Auction123 system can also revise your ads or end your sold postings on your behalf so your inventory will always be up-to-date!

Customize Your Presentation

Customize your layout and easily add Craigslist specific content to boost dealership branding in your vehicle postings with our Craigslist template editor. Your Craigslist postings can also include a URL to a full vehicle presentation enriched with vehicle information, images, descriptions, and engaging calls-to-action. This VDP is automatically created for each vehicle in your inventory and links to an inventory showroom of your entire inventory in the Auction123 system.